NFT Review's mission is to bring transparency to the NFT space by giving people a platform to share honest reviews of projects, teams and founders. Est. Nov, 5, 2022

How does it work?

All reviews are completely anonymous and can be submitted via the google form link in our twitter page bio. Reviews submitted are then posted on the official NFT Reviews account.

Where can I submit reviews?

You can submit an anonymous review by filling out the google form with your review and rating

What type of reviews are allowed?

You are free to express your feedback in reviews and are encouraged to be honest with your sentiment towards the project, team or founder. When creating your review ask yourself - what do other people need to know?

Why build NFT Reviews?

The NFT space needs more transparency with what's going on behind the scenes of projects, teams and founders. NFT Reviews peels back the curtain on what people would otherwise not see.
Often times people have no outlet to share their honest feedback of a team without facing public backlash. By making their review completely anonymous NFT Reviews provides them with an outlet to share what they have on their mind without repercussions.
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