Community Suggestions

Holder proposed suggestions

Using holders are able to create suggestions to the team and hold voting periods where other holders can vote on said suggestions.

Proposals will be voted on in a single-choice voting format and pass with a 51% majority vote. As soon as proposals are created voting begins and lasts for 5 days. At the end of the 5th day the results are solidified and the suggestion either passes or fails.

Suggestions that pass are then considered by the team for implementation. There is no guarantee that proposals created through will be implemented but they will be thoroughly discussed by the Froggy Friends team.

To facilitate community suggestions and voting we are utilizing with our own custom page that was approved by Snapshot which can be found at


Proposals should have a title and description that accurately describes the idea and a clear distinction of what voting yes and no means. Here's the first proposal created by Fonzy:


Froggy Friends holders and stakers can vote and the system will count all of the frogs you have staked and unstaked as votes. Here are sample scenarios for counting votes:

  • Holding 10 frogs in your wallet will grant you 10 votes

  • Staking 10 frogs will grant you 10 votes

  • Holding 5 frogs in your wallet and staking 5 frogs will grant you 10 votes

In all cases your total number of frogs owned will count as your vote total, however you can only vote on the proposal one time.


Once a proposal passes it will take into effect immediately unless otherwise stated by the proposal itself or the team according to our timeline.

The team will do our best to honor results for proposals that are presented by holders. Proposals that are unreasonable, unserious or hurt the brand in a way that the team deems detrimental will be rejected with a clear explanation for the rejection.

Holders are encouraged to submit suggestions for the community to vote on.


How many times can I vote?

You can only vote one time on a proposal.

How will my votes be counted?

Each frog you own either held or staked will count as one vote. If you own 10 frogs you will have 10 votes counted.

When does voting end?

As soon as a proposal is created and voting goes live you will have 5 days to cast your vote before final results are solidified.

How many wallets can I vote with?

You can vote on any wallet that holds a froggy friend at most one time.

Who can create proposals?

Any froggy friends owner can create a proposal on our page.

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