Trait Market

It's time to go shopping and spend your $RIBBIT!
It's time to go shopping and spend that $RIBBIT! New traits will now be added to the Ribbit Marketplace in limited time drops throughout the year. We can't wait to see what trait combinations our holders create! Let's take a dive into how you can purchase traits and apply them to your Froggy!
What is Season One?
Season One is our first Froggy Traits season that features four drops in the month of February 2023. Each trait drop in season one will be a unique bundle of traits that fit it's own theme. You can see the full list of season one drops here - Season One.
How to purchase traits All new traits will initially be available to mint on The Shop section of our website on Feb 3rd 2023. However, traits will also be tradable on the secondary market via our Ribbit Items Collection!
How many traits can you purchase
There will be a one per wallet limit on all traits to ensure more people have an opportunity to purchase a trait.
Who can buy traits?
Anyone can purchase traits on the Trait Market you do not need to have a specific frog in order to buy the new traits.
Do frogs have to be unstaked to apply the traits? Frogs do not need to be unstaked to apply the new traits. Trait upgrades can be done on any frog regardless of staking status. How to apply traits to your Froggy Traits can be applied onto your Froggy via the Froggy Studio. You will be able to preview the traits and how they appear on your Froggy before applying them to your metadata.
Will there be restrictions when applying traits?
When you select a frog in the Trait Studio it will only show you compatible traits it can be upgraded to. The Trait Studio will also tell you if a trait combination has been taken.
What if my trait combination is taken?
If your trait combination is taken and you can not apply the hat you wanted for example you can check opensea listings for unique combinations that are not taken and upgrade the frog with multiple traits to create a unique combination. DISCLAIMER • After applying the trait to your Froggy, the trait (Ribbit Item token) will be burned. • There is not an option to switch back to your Froggy's original traits, once a genesis trait is swapped out it can no longer be recovered. • While some traits can apply to all Froggys, there are traits that are only swappable with certain traits (e.g Ice skin can only be applied to Froggy's with the Glass skin trait.