$RIBBIT Marketplace

Comprehensive list of $RIBBIT Utility

The $RIBBIT Marketplace is your one stop shop to spend your hard earned $RIBBIT tokens. When you stake your froggies you'll earn daily $RIBBIT tokens to spend in the $RIBBIT Marketplace. Here's the full list of what you'll be able to spend your $RIBBIT on below:

Golden Lily Pad

There will only be 5 Golden Lily Pads for sale with each one costing 200,000 $RIBBIT.

Golden Lily Pads are loaded with perks: Golden embroidery hoodie, Guaranteed WL spots, Complimentary food at IRL events, Complimentary bottle service at IRL events, Complimentary bud service at IRL events and more to come.

Friend Staking Boosts

Purchase your forever Friend to pair with your Froggy and receive a staking bonus! Keep your eye out on collab & holiday limited visits. Froggies are friendly and expand our opportunity to become friends with other communities.

Are you a founder and would like to feature your NFT as a Friend? Get in touch with us using our collab form.


Purchase community owned NFTs directly with $RIBBIT on the marketplace. Among the NFTs available prices will vary based on the NFT rarity and floor price. The higher priced items will correspond to higher floor price NFTs.


Purchase raffle tickets for community owned NFTs with $RIBBIT. Each ticket is a 10% chance of winning a random community owned NFT.

WL Spots

Purchase WL spots for upcoming project launches that collab with Froggy Friends. Want to find out more about the collab project? Tune in to our Ribbit Radio episodes to hear directly from the project founders themselves.

Limited Edition Merch

Get special color & design merchandise made uniquely for the $RIBBIT Market! These pieces will be separate from the Merchandise store and will have a limited quantity! Do not miss out!

Costumes (Coming Soon)

Have you ever wanted to dress your Froggy for the occasion? Purchase limited edition seasonal costumes for your Froggy to sport. Do not forget about your Friend!

What would a Santa froggy look like? What would a Halloween froggy looks like? Find out when we release the first set of limited edition costumes.

Community Listings

We will open up the Ribbit Marketplace for holders to be able to list their own items for sale. Items would have to be approved by the team in a process where we work together to determine the price you want to sell the item(s) for. Froggy Friends will facilitate the listings, selling and $RIBBIT payment from the buyer to the seller. We will begin with digital items that holders wish to sell and expand to physical items that get approved by the team. Community listings will go live shortly after the liquidity pond goes live and together with the 2nd generation of collab friends.

Future $RIBBIT Utility

As we expand our $RIBBIT ecosystem keep an eye out for new additions to this list and new items coming to the $RIBBIT Marketplace.


Do I pay gas to purchase items?

A gas fee will be required to purchase items on the $RIBBIT Marketplace.

Are items NFTs?

Items are ERC-1155 NFTs that will be part of a $RIBBIT Marketplace collection. Some items like Friends will be burned upon use.

Where can I see items I purchase?

Items will show up on your wallet as well as the staking page on the website so you can see your entire Froggy Friends portfolio in one place. You can also click the Purchased Items link on the marketplace page to go to our official Ribbit Items collection filtered by your account.

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