Staking Froggy Friends for $RIBBIT Tokens.

What is Froggy Friends Staking?

Rarity Based Staking launched on April 28th giving you the ability to stake your frogs and begin earning passive $RIBBIT tokens daily. The rarity tier of your froggy determines your daily $RIBBIT income. You can also use the Rarity Bot in our discord to find the $RIBBIT output of your frog. Here's a look at the redesigned staking page:


Where do my Froggy Friends go?

When you stake your Froggy Friends they are transferred out of your wallet and into the staking contract in order to begin accruing $RIBBIT.

Do I keep my Froggy when I unstake?

Yes the same froggy you staked is the same one that's returned to you when you unstake. Unstaking will transfer your froggy from the staking contract back to your wallet.

Will staking cost gas?

Staking requires a one time transaction gas fee to approve transferring your NFTs to the staking contract and an additional transaction gas fee for committing the transfer.

What is $RIBBIT?

$RIBBIT is an ERC-20 utility token and is not a financial investment. $RIBBIT can only be spent within the Froggy Friends ecosystem for things such as in-game items, unlockable content, boosts and future items to come. Learn more about RIBBIT. $RIBBIT will be seeded in our Liquidity Pond.

Where are my tokens?

Your tokens are safely stored in our staking contract until you are ready to claim them. Claiming will be available on our website and cost a gas fee to process a transaction that transfers them from the staking contract to your wallet.

Where do I claim?

Claiming will be available on the Froggy Friends website for a gas fee. Your wallet will be prompted to sign and pay for the transaction that transfers your $RIBBIT tokens to your wallet.

Why can't I see $RIBBIT on Metamask?

You need to import the $RIBBIT token into metamask using our official contract address. Copy and paste the contract address into the import token feature on Metamask to view your balance.

Contract address: TBA

Can I lose $RIBBIT?

You can not lose $RIBBIT since your NFT and tokens are stored on the staking contract. Only you can withdraw your NFT and tokens.

Can I sell while staking?

Since your froggy is deposited into the staking contract you will not be able to sell it while it begins staking. You must unstake first in order to sell your froggy.

What are Friend boosts?

Friend companions to your Froggies will be purchasable on the Froggy Friends Marketplace and provide your froggy a staking boost. A Friend and it's accompanying boost can only be paired with one Froggy and is burned as soon as you pair them.

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