Froggy Factory

The factory that produces your 2d, 3d and pixel frogs & friends.

The Froggy Factory is the backbone of our metaverse integrations that takes any froggy friend and produces the 2d, 3d and pixel versions of the frog. The factory will produce the assets needed for our metaverse integration with the Otherside and WorldWideWebb3. Let's take a dive inside the Froggy Factory.

Production Lines

The factory consists of production lines who take the metadata pieces of a frog and assemble them into a fully illustrated froggy friend. The factory consists of 3 production lines:

  1. 2D Production Line

  2. 3D Production Line

  3. Pixel Production Line

Assembly Robots

The assembly robots work on the production lines and are responsible for assembling the metadata pieces of a frog into the fully illustrated version. The assembly robots begin working when the production line conveyer belt turns on. What turns the conveyer belt on?

Conveyer Belt Switch

The conveyer belt of a production line is turned on with a switch that triggers anytime a holder makes a change to the metadata of their frog. These changes can involve dressing their frog with a costume, removing a costume, pairing their frog with a friend or removing a paired friend. These metadata changes turn on the switch of a production line inside the Froggy Factory.


When the assembly robots do their thing and finish assembling your frog assets they update the visual of your NFT on opensea so you can see all versions of your frog in once place. Here's a sneak peek of the design for our Froggy Factory produced frogs:

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